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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 7, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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i'm a guy like you. i cannot tell you that i am unafraid. i am just unwilling to be silent, because man's freedom is at stake. just don't settle for any injustice. stand up. be unwilling to sit down. be unwilling to sit down. good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> shannon: while congress is away, president obama uses a recess appointment for his pick to run medicare and medicaid. a deal may be in the works to trade accused spies between u.s. and russia. we show you how supporters of arizona now contested immigration law are fighting back. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm shannon bream in tonight for bret baier. there is outrage in some quarters tonight because of president obama's use of a recess appointment to install his controversial pick to run medicare and medicaid. chief washington correspondent jim angle tells us why the reaction to dr. donald burrwick is so emotional. >> burrwick will run the largest insurance program in
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the country because medicare and medicaid cover 100 million americans and spends $800 million. but burrwick has said things that are not part of the administration pitch on healthcare. any healthcare funding plan that is just equitable, civilized and humane he said, must, must redistrict wealth. republicans suspected obama didn't want a confirmation hearing where such statements were bound to come up and that's why he waited 17 months to nominate someone. >> he didn't want somebody to have to answer the questions of members of congress during the debate on healthcare this year. >> his entire testimony will reinforce all the negative aspects of the bill. that's why they didn't want him up there. they pulled the plug on the hearings. >> and then the end-of-life issues. berwick says the amount of money spent on people in the final week of life and said at some point additional treatments are so expensive that the taxpayers have better use for those funds.
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we make those decisions all the time. the decision is not whether or not we will ration care, the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open? some elderly do prepare advanced directives should they become incapacitated but critics say berwick may say something else. >> he makes it sound like it's going to be made by bureaucrats, not individuals. >> it has political implications. >> those with healthcare will give up some to those who don't. quality will get worse. >> he praises one of the famous examples of socialized medicine. >> he said he is in love with the british healthcare system is known for rationing healthcare. >> white house argues berwick is one of 189 nominees waiting for confirmation. >> the president is going to install people that need to be installed for this government to run effective and efficiently. >> gibbs knows two
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republicans who once held the same post have more positive views. >> both who were under the bush administration strongly supported berwick's appointment. >> recess appointments have been used with frequency by presidents of both parties. president clinton made 139. president bush 171. president obama has made 18 so far. dr. berwick will n hold his position until the end of 2011, but if he wants to stay, he will still have to face senate confirmation. >> shannon: you can expect more recess appointments will come in this term as well. there is said to be a deal in the works involving accused members of a russian spy ring in the u.s. and espionage suspects in russia. correspondent david lee miller outlines the scenario. >> most americans never heard of igor when he was convicted of spying for the u.s. but now he could play a key role in the russian spy case. his attorney in moscow tells fox news that her client could be released, as part of
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a prisoner swap involving the accused spies arrested last month the u.s. the attorney says igor could be flown to the u.k. tomorrow. all of the 11 accused russian spies including one that is now a fugitive were indicted for acting as foreign agents and nine face charge of money laundering. defendants in custody in the u.s. are slated to be arraigned in federal court in new york tomorrow afternoon. for the proposed swap, neither the u.s. nor russian officials will comment on the number or name of spies that could be involved. an attorney for accused spy lezaro confirmed that prosecutors proed some plea bargain that could result in her client's deportation. another attorney said -- if >> if the government makes a deal, it could make
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concessions, especially under reports that an accused spy, anna chapman is daughter of a former k.g.b. agent that works for the russian ministry. last-minute drama. a defendant met conditions set by a federal magistrate last week for bail and her attorney said she was expected home as soon as this evening, but the u.s. attorney fought the release saying she was a flight risk. this evening, a federal judge agreed to keep her behind bars until friday when another bail hearing can take place. shannon? >> shannon: david lee miller live in new york. thank you. in world headlines, senator joe lieberman said in jerusalem today that military action against iran will be used if necessary to prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon. also today, head of iran's nuclear effort conceded that new sanctions could delay his program, but he vowed they would not stop it. nato said today that three american troops were killed tuesday in a roadside bombing in southern afghanistan. five afghan army soldiers were killed today in a
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friendly fire airstrike in g abzney province. last year's failed plot to bomb the u.s. subway system was part of larger conspiracy with a companion strike in england. that was released today as five al-qaeda figures were indicted. correspondent molly henneberg has details. >> shannon, we have new information today about al-qaeda's attempt in september 2009 to bomb the subway system in new york city. the justice department says that there was a foiled companion plot in england, involving two men who were arrested in april last year. the indictment says a search of their homes revealed potential bomb-making materials and surveillance photos of public areas in manchester. one of the two, nassier, was apparently in pakistan for training as the same time as zaszi this was part of the conspiracy to detonate bombs in the new york subway system. also on the indictment, more on the al-qaeda leadership behind the plot.
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specifically, 34-year-old saudi native jumah who was organizing at least three people to launch terror attacks in new york city. the other named only as akhmed described as "an al-qaeda facilitator in pakistan" was communicating by e-mail with zazi in the u.s. and naseer in the u.k. to advise them on making bombs. the dine itment says that he "remains at large." akmad is described out of obrating out of peshawar, pakistan. >> shannon: thank you. another accused al-qaeda figure pleaded guilty today in a hearing at the guantanamo bay naval bay in cuba. national correspondent catherine herridge was at the proceeding. >> reporter: he's now pled guilty to conspiracy of providing material support to al-qaeda and he was one of the first detainees to arrive at now defunked camp x-ray in january of 2002. >> this represents the first
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detainee to plead guilty under the new military commissions act of 2009. that's a brand new law. and this shows that we've got a detainee willing to take responsibility for criminal acts committed on the battlefield. >> when his detention was reviewed under the bush administration, the documents stated he met osama bin laden at guest house in december of 1991 # and followed the al-qaeda leader to training camp of afghanistan. the military court was told that after al-qaeda attacked the u.s. embassies in east africa, and after 9/11, he stuck by bin laden. the al-qaeda leader apparently did not repay the loyalty. in the fall of 2001, bin laden fled to the mountains and abandoned his come band in kandahar, which included alcosi and 100 families when he feared retaliation by the u.s. the court was told he had no prior knowledge of 9/11, he did what his boss asked. he will be sentenced in august in a deal which is
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under seal between the prosecution defense and alcosi. there is a cap on the amount of time he can get. given his profile among detainees, the fact he was close to bin laden, prosecutor at guantanamo told us they are hopeful the guilty plea will lead to others in the future. >> shannon: thank you. a tweet about a reputed terrorist resulted in a rebuke for one journalist. we have reaction to the president's legal move against the arizona immigration law. and what it means for the november elections. my wife thinks we stay at quali hotels to sle in their big comfy bs. [ giggles ] tell her it's for the hi-speed internet. ♪ [ female announcer ] free hot breakfast. big comfyeds. free high-speed internet. quality hotels. a lot. for a little.
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[ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at >> shannon: arizona governor jan brewer canceled meeting of u.s. and mexico state borders scheduled in phoenix this year. six of the governors refused to attend because of the law. we have ongoing reaction to the obama's administration decision to challenge the law. chief political correspondent looks at how carl cameron looks at how it will play
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with mid-term elections but we start with anita vogel on the verbal back and forth. >> reporter: now that the administration has officially launched the legal attack against arizona's immigration law, supporters are firing back. >> why isn't the federal government asking us or our help instead of suing, suing law enforcement and the state of arizona? >> this is not only a place in arizona, but there is a movement throughout the united states of people wanting action from the federal government. >> reporter: five other states are looking into drafting their own immigration legislation, but the white house hopes the administration's lawsuit will change their minds. >> the president believes we filed a strong case, based on the fact that you can't have and said this and i said this, you can't have 50 states making a patchwork of immigration decisions. that is not going to work. >> the law mirrors federal law. so, if the feds aren't going to do their job, arizona will step up and do it.
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>> arizona lawmakers who voted for sb-1070, argued they had to act because washington failed to secure the border. but constitutional law experts say that's going to be a tough position to defend in court. >> the remedy that the law sets out for the state to just, you know, apply political pressure to the federal government to do their jobs better, but not to kind of step in and write their own laws. >> reporter: other legal scholars have different opinions and no one is taking the position this is an open and shut case. the united states versus the state of arizona could have the first hearing as early as next week, but since the feds asked for an injunction, there will be a hearing before july 29. that is the day the law goes into effect. shannon? >> shannon: anita vogel, thank you. well, the white house decision to make immigration a high profile fight in an election year is not without risk. chief political correspondent carl cameron looks at a high-stakes gamble heading to november. >> immigration became a major campaign issue when president obama chose to sue arizona
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over the new anti-illegal immigration law. while pushing congress simultaneously to pass comprehensive immigration reform. some democrats even in arizona fear a backlash. >> my concern is that the federal government is suing the state of arizona, ironically over the ability to enforce immigration laws, where if the federal government had been doing its job over the years, we wouldn't be in the situation in the first place. >> reporter: arizona's attorney general is also the state's gubernatorial nominee. he urged the obama administration to leave alone arizona's new law which lets the state and local authorities ask people for immigration documents in unrelated enforcement encounters such as traffic stops. the president is out of step on immigration. the latest fox news opinion dynamics poll shows 2-1 support nationwide for arizona's law. 73% of republicans back it. 57% of independents back it. even one out of three democrats. on immigration, the g.o.p.
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accuses democrats of ignoring a border crisis and selling out to get latino votes. >> the fans are cheering. it plays to the base for both sides and red meat for the base. >> liberal red meat stops short of calling republicans racist but calls the g.o.p. immigration policy hos style to minorities; particularly, hispanics, the biggest and fastest growing minority. hold on, in colorado, recent "denver post" poll showed 62% of to colorado hispanics favor a law like arizona's. republican g.o.p. front runner scott mcginnis supports it. but john hickenloafer, the mayor supports it. >> until washington, d.c., believes they're -- realizes they're total failures you can't talk about the issue of reform. >> on the other hand, texas
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republican governor rick perry has seen the latino support plummet and doubl double-digit lead vanish against bill white since the controversy began. get away from the border states and wherever close iss issues occur, this is a wedge issue. >> shannon: hot topic. carl cameron, thank you. west virginia democratic governor joe mansion says he won't appoint a successor to the late senator robert byrd until he has decided whether a special election is possible before 2012. mansion says he might run himself. byrd died at the age of 92. the latest dynamics poll shows president obama is losing support among independents. 60% of them say they are disappointed or angry with the administration. california gubernatorial candidates jerry brown and meg whitman are neck in neck in the latest survey. field poll has the democrat ahead 44-43%, well within the
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>> shannon: president obama said today the u.s. is on pace to meet his goal of doubling exports in the next five years. but senior white house correspondent major garrett reports there was a whiff of pessimism just under the surface. >> reporter: president obama under intense political pressure to boost employment talked up exports and the 600,000 jobs created so far this year. but he acknowledged a sobering truth. >> our businesses are hiring again, there are still five unemployed workers for each job opening. the economy is growing.
6:22 pm
but empty store front still haunt too many main streets. >> later, mr. obama's press secretary told the country get used to it. >> i think we are going to deal with unemployment for a long, long time. >> reporter: it's currently 9.5%. 6.8 million americans have been jobless for six months or longer. desperate for my bright spot, mr. obama showed job creation. >> american jobs exports grew 17% compared to the same period last year. >> reporter: but that is not the whole story. month-to-month exports fell in the first four months of this year and this year's boost in exports followed a deep slump a year ago. this april's number is far below the april of 2008 figure of 158 billion. mr. obama's tried to boost exports with more export/import bank loans and better trade promotion. but three trade deals remain in limbo.
6:23 pm
south korea and panama signed in 2007 and colombia signed in november of 2006. >> we need to tell them it's time to actment and move forward with the free trade agreement. the president will do that but we need to move forward with panama and columbia. >> reporter: congressional democrats opposed all free trade deals since winning control of congress in 2006. the white house waived today when asked if they would move on any free trade deal this year. >> i don't know that we have gotten complete assurance. >> democrats say there is no chance for action on free trade before the mid-term election, and a scant chance of it in a lame duck session afterwards. to paraphrase the press secretary, free trade may have to wait a long, long time. at the white house, major garrett, fox news. >> applications for home loans were up 7% last week, fuelled by the lowest interest rates in decades. 79% of those were for refinancing. wall street made two positive days in a row. the dow surged 274 2/3.
6:24 pm
the s&p 500 gained 32 1/5. nasdaq picked up 65 2/3. a few days ago president obama announced his energy department would award $2 billion to a pair of solar energy companies creating about 1600 new jobs. tonight, correspondent mike toben looks at another form of alternative energy you have probably not heard about before. >> reporter: this steel mill in northwest indiana, tapped into its own source of electricity and is generating and gobbling up megawatts with arguably no carbon footprint. >> what they have done at the plant produces about twice as much clean energy as all of the solar collectors that have been installed in the united states since dawn of solar energy. >> primary energy mounted boilers on top of the ovens at different stages of the steel-making progress. the heat boiled the water, steam from that generates electricity.
6:25 pm
the difference from coal is the heat was captured from the production of something else. the arcelormatel steal plant is saving $100 million a year on the electrical bill. as the renewable or green energy gains momentum, the recycle or gray energy did not receive as much attention, in no small parts because it involves big ugly factories and smokestacks. it's not environmentally sexy. windmills and solar panels photograph well and enjoy new investment from the federal government. government regulations discourage private investment in the technology. >> a lot of advances in wind and solar and i think the recycled energy approach is probably something that has been passed over. >> looking at factories across the nation, the chairman of recycled energy estimates that 400 to $600 billion worth of energy is untapped and disappearing in thin air. >> we're the saudi arabia of waste heat. all we have to do is wake up
6:26 pm
and go get it. >> reporter: in east chicago, indiana, mike tobin, fox news. >> shannon: other news outlets didn't expend much energy on the nasa muslim outreach story. that's ahead in the grapevine. racial threats from a man the justice department should get nothing more than a slap on the wrist. we asked real people to film themselves taking the activia 14-day challenge. hi. i'm emily ilic. i'm going to start the activia 14-day challenge today. problems that i have are, you know, irregularity... i do have some doubts if it works. i think it's really good. um... i like the flavors. i think from being a skeptic in the beginning i do think that activia actually works. help regulate your digestive system. take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. ♪ activia
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>> shannon: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. one of the members of the new
6:30 pm
black panther party who drannished -- brandished a night stick in twilight is on camera making inflammatory comments about white people. shabazz was charged with voter intimidation and branded from being near polling area. this video shows a vocal shabazz. >> if you want freedom, you are going to have to kill some cracker and their babies. >> spokesman for the black panthers says it's not the official position. another member that was involved in the issue of n 2008 is jerry jackson jr. who reportedly applied to be a democratic poll watcher in this year's may 18 primary and he was on the ballot running to be a democratic committee member. cnn says it's taken action regarding the story we told you about tuesday about the middle east affairs editor
6:31 pm
nasr who posted a message on her twitter account mourning the death of fadlallah who was classified as a terrorist. she said -- she later admitted the simplistic tweet was error of judgment and something she deeply regrets. cnn spokesman echoed that added this is a serious issue that did not meet the editorial standards and is being dealt with appropriately. we are also following remarks by the nasa administrator bolden who says president obama wants one of the top priorities to be muslim outreach. there was zero coverage about the story on any of the network nightly news shows, "new york times" print edition or "washington post." there is a blurb that links to fox news article.
6:32 pm
they've largely cleared the scientist involved in climategate of any wrongdoing and found no evidence of dishonesty or corruption in the 1,000 hackedee mails from the climatic research institute but there was a lack of transparency and, "we find the -- >> shannon: a new wave of tar ball and oil hit foam hit the beaches of alabama. wildlife rescue group says 420 birds have been contaminated and there are new questions about possible other sources of leaks in the gulf. correspondent phil keating is live on grand aisle with -- grand isle, louisiana. >> reporter: good evening. along the coastline, the evidence is everywhere how rich the region is for oil gas and production and it accounts for a third of the
6:33 pm
annual u.s. energy output. the rigs you see produce 600 million barrels of oil each year. below the rigs you see on the surface are 50,000 wellheads that you don't see down on the sea floor. some are permanently cap and others are temporarily capped to be returned to for oil production later as b.p. was doing with the deepwater horizon rig when it exploded. a.p. is reporting no one, not the government or industry is routinely checking on the tens of thousands of wellheads to make sure seals are not leaking. former oil exec bob cashner calls it the industry's achilles heel. >> a lot of wells will never be returned to surface but they're not permanently plugged because the companies are motivated to keep the wells temporarily abandoned because if they permanently abandon them they have to take the reserves off the books and they have to take the money to do the permanent abandonment. it's a real challenge and it needs to change.
6:34 pm
>> spokesperson with the interior department responded to fox news, "without question, we must raise the bar for all offshore oil and gas operations. secretary salazar has ordered fundamental restructures of the mineral management service, now boem, and has brought in michael bromwich to revisit all the issues related offshore oil, gas production and industry." on the scene tonight, amongst flotilla of ships is the helix producer, a large oil collection and containment vessel, but the rough weather and five to six-foot waves means three more days before it's finally connected to the main riser. b.p. says once it is connected it will then double the amount of oil that is contained and collected and not spilled in the gulf. up to about 53,000 barrels per day. remember, the top government estimate as to how many barrels a day are leaking stands at 60,000 barrels a day. so it would be very close. shannon? >> shannon: phil keating, thank you for the update. another oil spill in the late
6:35 pm
'60s may give us some indication how damaging the gulf disaster could be in the long-term. correspondent molly lion has that story from the massachusetts coast. >> reporter: it has been more than 40 years since the oil barge florida ran aground, spewing 200,000 gallons of fuel in cape cod buzzards bay. >> animals were impacted. they weren't killed immediately. it took time for the animals to die. two or three days. >> reporter: george hampson, retired researcher with the oceanographer institution remembers it clearly and studied it for decades. what was it like in the weeks following the spill? >> after -- and i say most everything in this area was killed. we say 90% mortality. it wasn't 100%. because some of the animals will survive. >> reporter: the spill in 1969 killed thousands of fish and lobsters, damaging sensitive oyster and clam beds. the oil company northeast petroleum sent clean-up crews
6:36 pm
and spent weeks raking fuel from area beaches. signs of disaster can still be found in the delicate marshes. >> it's there. it hasn't gone away. the bacteria haven't consumed the oil. >> reporter: after taking several core sediment samples, the unmistakable scent of oil remains. that is distinctive. you can really smell it there. >> now you see science, sometimes we have to search. but this is definitely tainted with oil. >> some areas remain close to shell fishing and those who oyster for a living say they feel for the counterparts in the south whose fishing grounds are being devastated by the b.p. spill. >> if the water is not clean, they are not going to grow. they are going to die. >> in the decades since oil decimated the marsh lands, the area has largely recovered. but it's what lurks beneath the seemingly idyllic spot that speaks volumes about the long road ahead for gulf coast residents. in falmouth, massachusetts,
6:37 pm
molly line, fox news. >> shannon: we'll talk about the president's controversial recess appointment for the new supervisor of medicare and medicaid with the fox all-stars. join us right after the break. @=h
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there are aspects of the healthcare law that have to be implemented on a timeline that i'm sure many who oppose dr. berwick for political reasons didn't want to see implemented. we are not going to have the view points of a vu hold up the awe -- few hold up the law of the land. >> shannon: that's the white house spokesman, robert gibbs, today talking about dr. donald berwick now the subject of a recess appointment by president obama to head up the centers for medicare and medicaid. also, we have someone to talk about that saying this -- this is max baucus, the senator who heads up the finance committee. this would have been the committee that would have had the hearing had it gone through for donald berwick.
6:41 pm
he said -- >> shannon: that is coming from a democrat. to talk about this, bring in the panel. sean hayes, senior write -- stephen hayes, for "weekly standard." kirsten powers from "washington post" and charles krauthammer. recess appointments, everybody does them. >> it is routine and it's done when you think your nominee is not going to make it. here, it was done for other reasons, but there is nothing illegal or underhanded about it. i just object that the language the administration used to defend it because it's disingenuous. we'll explain in a minute. >> shannon: your take on this? the nomination hasn't been before the senate for that long and a number of people on both sides of the aisle say we were just getting through the vetting process.
6:42 pm
>> i don't think the democrats want to bring him up, because he will get in a huge debate over the healthcare policy, which democrats don't want to do. i'm a big fan of transparency, i like people to have the hearings, democrats and republicans do this, but it's an accuse of the recess process and it was an abuse when george bush did it with john bolton or whoever else, because recess appointment were supposed to be in the day when they had long recesses and were gone for six or seven months and you couldn't leave anything open. but they're in recess for two weeks so it's not necessary. >> shannon: steve, jump the gun and abuse of process? >> of course it was. not just they wanted to avoid a debate. i agree with kirsten on that. but they wanted to avoid a specific debate avoiding berwick's ideas. the thing he said in the past, the long list of the opposition research that the republicans can and did produce about things he advocated for single-payer
6:43 pm
healthcare plans consistently to making strong anti-market forces are the kind of things that republicans weren't about, for about a year during the healthcare debate, saying it was a step to socialize medicine and saying it would lead to single payer. here you've got somebody who is going to run an agency in the c.m.f. that is going to oversee half a trillion dollars in cuts to medicaid and add 16 million people to medicaid rolls and he made the arguments that the republicans worried democrats would make at the time. >> shannon: you all alluded to the politics of why the pick now. other quotes, this comes from president obama appointing him about dr. berwick. he said it's unfortunate at a time when the nation is facing enormous challenges many in congress decided to delay critical nominations for political purposes. on the other side of the aisle, senator barrasso said -- this shows incredible arrogance on part of the president and makes a mockery of his promise to run a transparent administration.
6:44 pm
so, charles, did he go ahead and make the appointment in a lazy time for here on capitol hill, the summertime, to avo avoid another debate of healthcare going to the mid-term elections? >> the democrats remember last summer of discontent when healthcare was all over the airwaves and it was in the town halls and democrats got slaughtered on this, they went home, they realized this was extremely unpopular. in the end, they had to vote in favor of it. earlier this year, and they are going to be heard in november. the one thing the democrats don't want is the issue raised again. when the president implies that this is a delay done by the republicans who don't want the guy who will implement the bill, it's entirely false. the delay, republicans want the hearing two weeks ago. the delay is the democrats who don't want the issue on the air, as you say in a lazy summer, in the absence of other juror issues will dominate the airwaves and revive the debate and put all the democrats who are going to go to re-election in
6:45 pm
november on the defensive. so this is a democratic delay, democratic maneuver. it's because as steve indicates the guy who was going to be nominated is in favor of all the sort of, the kinds of warnings the democrats have talked about in the past. he likes the british system. he wants to ration. that's where obama care is headed and that's why they didn't want any of the hearings. >> shannon: kirsten, publicly, every democratic strategist or person i talk about the mid-term says healthcare will be a big selling point for us. the more people understand about it and like it, it's a plus for us. is that spin or do they feel that way? >> a lot of people feel that way, but what is more important is what charles brought up, highlighting some of the views that aren't particularly main stream necessarily of the nominee. now, yeah, okay, so he supports a single payer system. there is no single payer system in existence in this
6:46 pm
bill so it's not as though he will cause a single payer system but it highlights where president obama theoretically is. we all know he does support a single payer system. so in that sense it could be time for republicans to make hay what democrats would like to do if they got in power. >> shannon: steve, would he have the power to bring about some of the things that kirsten says we don't currently have? could he take steps down the road? >> yeah. he is not autocrat. he can't decide we'll just do these things. but the momentum if berwick -- when he is in this position will be in that direction. we know. he has been public about what he advocated. the outrage goes beyond what charles and kirsten said. john barrasso, a doctor, mild-mannered, not prone to hyperbole is excited and worked up about this and says look, i was trying to get president obama, i was calling for president obama to put somebody, nominate somebody in the position in the middle of the healthcare debate and he refused to do
6:47 pm
so. barrasso thinks it was done intentionally precisely to put in somebody with views of donald berwick who wouldn't have to withstand the kind of congressional scrutiny that we see had there been hearings. >> shannon: he escapes temporarily. panel, thank you. we know a lot of you are surfing the web while watching at home so log on to the home page for fox news exclusive about the surprising number of afghan military members who have gone awol in the u.s. and when we return, we'll talk about immigration politics with our panel. stay tuned.
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my concern is that the federal government is suing the state of arizona, ironically, over the ability to enforce immigration laws, where if the federal
6:51 pm
government had been doing its job overs the years we wouldn't be in the situation in the first place. >> the reason both parties are playing football with immigration is because their supporters in the stands are cheering. this plays to the base on both sides. it's red meat for the base. >> shannon: we're back with the panel to talk about immigration, politics of it and how it could play out in the mid-term election. steve, kirsten and charles to talk about it. ladies first this time. this issue of immigration, who benefits short-term and who benefits long-term? >> maybe republicans benefit short-term and i'm not sure of that. they absolutely lose long-term. the trends of the country are very clear and alienating such a big block of people who vote, limiting them from the swing category, the democrat category is not a great plan long term. should-term it could provide a -- short-term it could provide a bump for them. it hasn't in the past.
6:52 pm
2006 mid-term it was going to be the big issue that everyone would vote on and it came to nothing. now it's becoming more of an issue in certain states but nationally i don't think you will see it playing out that much outside of the southwestern states. >> shannon: let's look at a poll from the fox opinion dynamics, a national poll about the immigration arizona law. if you look at it by party, 73% support it. 57% of independents support it. 30% of democrats support it. who is going to be motivated to get out and vote? those for it or against it? >> good question. i think, you know, it could be the case that the people who are opposed to it might be as enthusiastic to get out and try to block it. as anybody else. or to try to express their views that it shouldn't be passed. i think kirsten's basically right about where this is going short-term and long-term. the one thing i would say, depends to a certain extent on how republicans talk about the issue. republicans talk about the issue as a sort of basic
6:53 pm
common sense, anti-washington issue. look, people who are coming here illegally by definition are illegal, they're breaking the law. people shouldn't break the law, end of discussion. that argument can appeal to independents and far beyond the republican base. if they make the case that way, i think it has potential to really help them in the short term. >> shannon: you mentioned the language. that is interesting. talking with marco rubio, the senate contender heading to the g.o.p. primary down in florida, a big race down there, he said it is so important that the g.o.p. needs to change the language. it shouldn't be we're against illegal immigration but for legal immigration. charles, does it make sense to you? >> it does but there is also another way to approach it, which is to say that the opposition to arizona law or other law is going to curtail legal immigration and who wants comprehensive, quote/unquote, reform are disingenuous. comprehensive is a code for amnesty. the problem is that unless you close the border first,
6:54 pm
unless you have serious enforcement, which as we see from arizona and other states, people who live there know there is unserious enforcement. nobody in the federal government is serious about it. until you have that, you have to suspend the issue of amnesty. otherwise, you are going to be environmenting half of latin america and the rest of the world to enter the united states and ultimately enjoy another amnesty. if you got a closure of the border, it's not hard to do, it doesn't require high-tech stuff. it's done in other parts of the world. then you would get a national consensus to legalize illegal immigrants here today. we are a humane society. we will do it. but not if it's an open imitation for more illegal immigration. it seems to me that the republicans ought to argue enforcement first and then a very generous open and humane solution for those already here. >> shannon: kirsten, you mentioned how careful you have to be with the particular voting bloc, one
6:55 pm
of the fastest growing voting bloc. long-term it could be an issue depending on how it plays with the poll. another poll we had that was interesting and i'd love your reaction. the denver post took a poll -- excuse me, they polled colorado voters. should colorado pass a vote like arizona and they break out hispanics in favor of this at 62%. surprising? >> it is but one thing i learned about the polls on immigration they're hard to read and they often contradict themselves. if you look at a lot of polls people say are you in favor of the arizona law? they say yes. are you in favor of comprehensive reform, they say yes. favor of deporting people? they say yes. they often con from district each -- often contradict each other. people are fed up and want something to be done and open to a lot of ideas. if you put different ideas in front of them, they'll say yes. >> shannon: do we see much of this in the fall election? >> i don't think we will see as much immigration. i think the focus will be on the economy, certain extent national security issues but i think the arizona law and
6:56 pm
lawsuit is not likely to be in the news on a daily basis. to the extent we see it is because candidates themselves bring it up, particularly in the districts where republicans see they might have advantage over moderate democrats. >> shannon: thank you, panel. that's it for panel. stay tuned. sweltering temperatures have been blanketing the u.s. coming up, we're going to show you how visiting royalty is beating the heat. @&h645hkayq
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>> finally tonight, it's tough to be regal when the mercury is rising. check out how loyalty copes with the sweltering temperatures. >> the queen is in new york city today. she was starting to cool off. show the queen in central park. >> pocketbook there along with the -- we want to welcome the newest "special report" viewer tonight, congratulations, daniel bret baier arrived this afternoon, 7 pounds, 13 ounces. daddy


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